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An org has enabled multi currencies, a developer needs to aggregate the sum of the "estimateValue" field on cmpMember obj. using roll-up summary field "totalValue" on compaign obj.
how is the currency of totalValue roll-up summary field determine

1 values in cmpMember converted into the currency of compaign and sum is displayed using the currency on compaign record
2 values in cmpMember are summed up and the resulting compaign field is displayed as numeric field on compaign record
3 values in cmpMember are converted into the currency of current user, and the sum is displayed using the currency on compaign record
Hi all,

We are developing a canvas app in which a secure json payload is sent with various bits of information about the user accessing the app and the ID for the record that the user is viewing. Salesforce administrators can 'impersonate' other users by logging in and the information passed to our canvas app is that of the impoersonated user and not the admin doing the impersonation.

My question: Is it possible through apex to either find out that:
1) The user ID of the 'actual' user who is logged in (ie. the admin and not the impersonated user), OR
2) whether impersonation is occurring (ie. just a true/false result that says whether impersonation is occurring).

We need to incorporate special behavior for admins in our app when impersonation is occurring.


- Kash
I am looking to do impersonation of Users other than standard LoginAs function from Visualforce.

Please give thoughts on this and directions.

Thanks in advance
  • January 24, 2014
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I'm exploring some situations where we might want different actions depending on if a user is logged in through the UI versus connecting via the API. Is there any way in Apex to determine this?