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Hi Geeks,

I am facing an error while checking the below challenge.

Your team's doing great, but how does next month look? Build a lens to visualize the product sales pipeline. Start by exploring the DTC Opportunity dataset. Under Bars, group by Close Date, and then group by Forecast Category. Change the measure from Count of Rows to Sum of # (quantity). Filter to show only open opportunities. Change the chart type to Timeline, and note that Forecast Category is now represented as bar segments. Then save the lens as Sales Pipeline Overview in the My Exploration app you created earlier.
  • Dataset: DTC Opportunity
  • Bars: Close Date (Year-Month)
  • Bar Segments: Forecast Category
  • Bar Length: Sum of #
  • Filters: Closed false
  • Chart Type: Timeline
  • Lens Name: Sales Pipeline Overview
  • App: My Exploration
There was an unhandled exception. Please reference ID: BTCZLJPH. Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: 550: Lens State conversion has failed using converter insights.api.converters.DashboardState_V43r0_V44r0. Cannot open lens with new Wave Charts in API version below 40.0

User-added image

I have created the Lense as follows:

User-added image