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At Dreamforce 18 we were told that if we speak to our account manager, then we can get access to the beta program for VSCode, which will allow us to use VSCode with non-DX orgs. - Our account manager has said that we should ask around on the forums.

From gihub https://github.com/forcedotcom/salesforcedx-vscode/wiki/Develop-Against-Any-Org-in-Visual-Studio-Code
it says it all in the link title! Yet when we come to context clicking on the package.xml we do not see the SFDX: Retreive Source from Org.

Maybe our account manager is just rubbish...

Does anyone know who I would have to email or send a box of chocolates to in return for access to the VSCode beta program?




Completed the Expense tracker labs , but encountered following two issues

1. Submit button seems to be non responsive , nothing happens when you click it.
2. Event seems to fire but gives an exception "Internal server error". 

Anyone able to do this without any issues? If so please share code.