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Hi, on my account object, I created a picklist field - testPicklist1__c. The picklist field has various values in it. One picklist value is "abc t" & its API name is "abc". I retrieved the Account object using ANT & tried to deploy to another Salesforce org using ANT. I got the below error message -:
User-added image
Error Message says -:  "Picklist value: abc t in picklist: testPicklist1__c not found". 

When I viewed the Account.object file I found that under "testPicklist1" field definition, the picklist value is shown with full name "abc" like this <fullName>abc</fullName> as shown below -:    

Wheras in "AOC" record type definition under the enabled picklist value, this picklist is being referenced using "abc t" as the full name like this <fullName>abc t</fullName> as shown below -:
                <fullName>abc t</fullName>
Is this what causing the above error ? How can I remove this error & deploy successfully without manually doing changes ? Thanks in advance. 



When I am migrating data from Sandbox to developer org through Eclipse, Reports which are having filters are not being moved and the error is " Problem: filterlanguage: Invalid value specified: 1."


Once i remove the filter, I am able to move the reports successfully.


Anyone please help me in resolving this issue.


Thanks in advance.