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is there some PHP social crm, plugins, or frameworks?

Hello Folk's

What i need to do:

I'm trying to realize social networking graph for companies, employees in CRM. They could have many complex relationships.

A company can have its network like inverstors, partners, competitors and customers etc. I want to realize a dynamic social networking graph for it. And it has to be implemented by php.

Right now, i know SugarCRM and vTigerCRM are php open source CRMs. And SugarCRM provides some social functions. And there are a lot of other CRMs, while i'm not sure if they are realized by php, such as: ACT! Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Siebel Social CRM, BatchBlue, Buzzient etc.

Do you know any other php CRMs, especially php social CRMs?