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multi level custom approval process


I need to design approval process we need to send approval for 5 users, 
If 1st user accepts then it need to more 2nd approval then 3rd then 4th then 5th
if any one reject that need to move back 
ex: if 3th rejects need to go to 2nd to approval.

How can we acheive these ?
bharath kumar 52bharath kumar 52

Hi Bhanu

Did you try delegated approvals?

If that doesn't work the you might have to use Process API and build a custom VF page for that.

Avishek Nanda 14Avishek Nanda 14
Hey Bhanu,

First: Create a Custom Setting and Add Your Approver Levels there. Create a Custom Look Up Field Pointing to User Object. 
Have Apex Trigger to Update the Custom Look Up Field With the Custom Setting Data. 
Then Route Your approval Process Based on the Related User Which is the Custom Look Up Field.