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Trailhead Superbadge : App Customization Specialist - Cannot pass step 1

Trailhead Superbadge : App Customization Specialist - Cannot pass step 1

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Account object's 'Volunteer Organization Status' field couldn't be found. Ensure that you use the correct label and API name when creating fields. In this example the validation is looking for 'Volunteer_Organization_Status__c'.

Where Iam Doing Wrong

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 


Make sure that you have copy pasted all the names, API names and labels while creating the fields as the error clearly mention about this.

Best Regards,


 i install  unmanged package
I am   not understanding  what i do now ..?

Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi


Please, double check with the field name which is created in the hands on org so that based on the field name the API name will be generated.

Make sure that you create a field name with Prequalified Amount for which the resulting API name would be Prequalified_Amount__c .

Let me know if you need further clarification on this. Hope it helps!

Thank you,
Ajay Dubedi
Hello i am  Still Facing same issue  what can i do
Can Some Body Tell me  Step by Step Process
IT urgent Help me
Shobha JamesShobha James
Did you try with a new playground?
Nikita Raj 6Nikita Raj 6
First of all, I would recommend you to create a new playground and install the package.
After that do the following steps:
Step 1: Setup--> Object Manager --> Account object -> Fields & Relationships -->  New --> Select Picklist as data type

Field Label = Volunteer Organization Status
Field Name = Volunteer_Organization_Status
API Name = Volunteer_Organization_Status__c
Values = Pending Approval
               Accepting Activities
set Pending Approval as default, click next 
Step 2: In Establish field-level security, check the Read-Only checkbox for all profiles except for System Administrator
Step 3: Save the field
Step 4: Setup --> Permission Sets --> New --> 
Label: Volunteerism Board
API Name:Volunteerism_Board   & Save
Step 5: Click on  Volunteerism Board from the permission set list --> click Object Settings --> Click on Accounts --> Field Permissions -->
click the Edit Access check box in front of Volunteer Organization Status field --> Save

This will solve your problem.
Kindly mark this as solved if the reply was helpful.

MPB SalesforceMPB Salesforce
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