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Vincent Drader 2Vincent Drader 2 

List View Visualforce button returns limited records (always 20)

Hi All,

I have a List View Button that executes a visualforce page to send the records in the list view to an sobject variable in the flow. The issue is that it only sends 20 records - I am assuming this might be because of pagination of visualforce records? Either way, I am not rendering anything for the user, I just need to pass ALL the records in the list view to the flow (and this is often over 200 records - so the list view row selection is not an option). Any thoughts? Below is my visualforce page code. It always passes 20 records - what changes can I make so that I can pass more than 20 records on to the flow?

<apex:page standardController="Tree_Record__c" tabStyle="Tree_Record__c" recordSetVar="AllTreeRecords" lightningStylesheets="true">

<apex:repeat value="{!AllTreeRecords}" var="row" rendered="false">

<flow:interview name="Tree_Order_Flow" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/lightning/o/Tree_Order__c/list?filterName=Recent')}">
<apex:param name="Passed_Variable_Selected_Trees" value="{!AllTreeRecords}"/>
<flow:interview name="Tree_Order_Flow" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/lightning/o/Tree_Order__c/list?filterName=Recent')

Seems like there are only 20 items in the recenlty viewed list view. change the filterName to All or whatever it is labelled as. 
Vincent Drader 2Vincent Drader 2
@Rov - The finish location of the flow shouldn't impact the passed parameters.