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buggs sfdcbuggs sfdc 

can we display Custom Button on Sections


Is it possible to display custom button on section,here am trying to display one custom button on some seprate session on Account Page layout.

Thanks in Advance
No,It is not possible using page layout.If you know Visual Force means you may try that......

Thanks & Best Regards,
buggs sfdcbuggs sfdc
thanks vignesh,

you have any idea aboout weservices,am trying to create columns & button on vf page,then when a user click on that custom button it has to pass the parameters to that webservice,so is it possible to invoke those paramaeters from visualfore page?
Yes this problem can be solved using VF Page.So just go through basics like How to create button in VF page and how to place it on desired section.

Thanks & Best Regards,
buggs sfdcbuggs sfdc

Here am embeding a visualforce page on a standard table Account,so when some user selects the required information on inline visualforce page and clicks on the custom button "Check",that particular information has to be triggered to a webservice?
for this am trying to create some RestAPI with Post Action.
but some how my apex code is not working,can any one please look into it.Here is the code please go through it.

<apex:page standardController="Account">
    <apex:outputText id="myId" />
    .alignfontright {
<apex:form >

<apex:pageBlock title="Email Subscriptions">
<apex:panelGrid width="350px">
 <apex:pageBlockSection >

 <apex:outputText value="SPSS_ID" style="font-weight:800" />
<apex:inputText /> 
         <apex:outputText value="BNP Name" style="font-weight:800"/>
         <apex:inputText />
         <apex:outputText value="info"/>
         <apex:inputCheckbox />
         <apex:outputText value="ESI"/>
         <apex:inputCheckbox />
         <apex:outputText value="Quote"/>
         <apex:inputCheckbox />
        <apex:outputText value="PBNN"/>
         <apex:inputCheckbox />
         <apex:outputText value="EMI"/>
         <apex:inputCheckbox />
          <apex:outputText value="totaluncheck"/>
         <apex:inputCheckbox />

&nbsp;<apex:commandButton action="{!unisub}" value="check" style="font-weight:800"/>

global with sharing class subscrip
 private Account A1;
 public EmailOptOut(ApexPages.StandardController stdController) {
        this.A1 = (Account)stdController.getRecord();
  global static Account unisub()
      String Name;
      String SPSS_ID;
      string info;
      string ESI;
      string Quote;
      string PBNN;
      string EMI;
      string totaluncheck;
  Account acc = new Account();
    List<Account> accounts = [Select Name,SPSS_ID__C From Account Where SPSS_ID__C = : SPSS_ID];
        insert acc;
    return acc;