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Roberto CialfiRoberto Cialfi 

Approval process - different levels of approval

Hi Guys,

I have a scenario in which we need an approval process where employees need their line manager approval, while a small group of called 'Management Team' (all the manager of the different HR team) do not need any approval.

I though already that would be possible to just manually assign their line manager as line managers of themselves. This means they will receive their own approval request. But I consider this solution not really elegant. Another solution would be to create a lookup field to users called 'Requester', so that I can create personalised approval processes based on this field. Do you know of any alternative solution?

Thank you,


Hi Roberto,

This seems to be a case of Dynamic Approvals. You may need to write apex to assign the Approver based on the Requestor dynamically.
Roberto CialfiRoberto Cialfi

I actually solved it creating a checkbox field in user called 'Management Team'. If they have that box ticked, they will follow a different process.User-added image