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Abhilash Mishra 13Abhilash Mishra 13 

How to deploy Customization to an org from DE edition

Is there a way to deploy cusrtomizations to other org using a DE.  I had a package installed on several different org and now I need to deploy different changes to the different org. 
Is this possible.??

Abhilash Mishra
Hi Abhilash, 

Follow the below steps:
  • Go to Setup-Create-Packages
  • Create an “Unmanaged Package” and start adding your application, or whatever you need to add links, buttons, Objects.
  • Once you are done, upload your package. (make sure to set a password on it)
  • Salesforce will run full validation of dependencies, test cases, everything.
  • When done you will be given an an installation url.
  • Logout of you original instance.
  • Login to the new instance, go to the URL, and install your entire app.
Another way of doing it so is Eclipse :

Please refer the below link which would guide you in using Eclipse:


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