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Input from text Box and button method

Hello guys,
I'm trying to develop my first visualforce page. I would like to have some text box and a button that, on the click with a method, take the text in the boxes and call an external method to cuncatenate them in a new page. 
How can I do? 
Thank you very much for the time that you will spend for me.
Kanika DuaKanika Dua
Thanks for the example, I've started from here:

    <apex:form >
    <apex:pageBlock title="Script">
        <apex:inputText id="process"/><p/>
        <apex:inputText id="phase"/><p/>
        <apex:inputText id="channel"/><p/>
        <p>Object Id</p>
        <apex:inputText id="objectId"/><p/>
        <p>Input Date</p>
        <apex:inputText id="inputDate"/><p/>
<apex:commandButton value="button" />

Now, I would like to concatenate the text inserted in the boxes by pressing the Button. How can I do it? May I have to develop a custom controller for this page? Thanks again
Kanika DuaKanika Dua
Hi Rapaich

Yes you have to develop a Custom Controller\ like 
 <apex:page controller="Sendparameters">
.And instead of Using <p> tag you can use <apex:outputlabel>
In COntroller method You have to add PageReference to Redirect to Next Page.And You can send Parameters i.e Your input Text Values to Next Page with pageReference and Get these parameters on next Page From Url

I can provide You an example but Self Learning will teach You most.Try Step by Step
If you need Further guidence or you are struck anywhere please let me know