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How to validate my code enhancement when a optn condition is added to existing trigger?

I have been asked to add a optn see underline to the contact object, when a contact is created automatically from case using the following trigger.However, how do i validate this trigger? what should be the process to test this?

trigger AutocreateContactForCase on Case (before insert) {
    List<String> emailAddresses = new List<String>();
    for (Case {
        if (caseObj.ContactId==null && 
            caseObj.Origin == 'Contact Us Web Form' && 
    List<Contact> listContacts = [Select Id,Email From Contact Where Email in :emailAddresses];
    Set<String> takenEmails = new Set<String>();
    for (Contact c:listContacts) {
    Map<String,Contact> emailToContactMap = new Map<String,Contact>();
    List<Case> casesToUpdate = new List<Case>();
    Account acc;
        acc = [Select Id from Account where Name = 'No Account' limit 1];
    catch(Exception ex){system.debug('Error: '+ex.getMessage());}
    for (Case{
        if (caseObj.ContactId==null && caseObj.Origin == 'Contact Us Web Form' && 
                         String.isNotBlank(caseObj.SuppliedName) &&
                             String.isNotBlank(caseObj.SuppliedEmail) &&
            string firstName=''; string lastName='';
            list<string> lstName= caseObj.SuppliedName.split(' ');
            if(lstName!=null && lstName.size()>0){
                    for(integer i=1;i<=lstName.size()-1;i++){
                        lastName=lastName+' '+lstName[i];
            Contact cont = new Contact(FirstName=firstName,LastName=lastName,
                                       Email=caseObj.SuppliedEmail,Phone = caseObj.SuppliedPhone
                                       ,AccountId = acc == null?null: acc.Id,Opt_Me_In_For_Future_Communications__c=true,Opt_Me_In_For_Market_Research__c=true,LeadSource='Contact Us Web Form'
        if (caseObj.ContactId==null && caseObj.Origin == 'Contact Us Web Form' &&
                    String.isNotBlank(caseObj.SuppliedName) && 
                    String.isNotBlank(caseObj.SuppliedEmail) &&
                        caseObj.Found_Duplicate_Contacts__c = true;
        List<Contact> newContacts = emailToContactMap.values();
        system.debug('newContacts: '+newContacts);
        insert newContacts;
    }catch(Exception ex){system.debug('Error: '+ex.getMessage());}
    for (Case caseObj:casesToUpdate) {
        Contact newContact = emailToContactMap.get(caseObj.SuppliedEmail);        
        caseObj.ContactId = newContact.Id;