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Dippan PatelDippan Patel 

Convert list of SObject to Map


I have a below list: 

List<Sobject> sObj =
Sobject: (Test_Lead_Sources__c:{Id=null, OwnerId=005d0000003vn6BAAQ, IsDeleted=false, Name=test, CreatedDate=null, CreatedById=null, LastModifiedDate=null, LastModifiedById=null, SystemModstamp=null, LastViewedDate=null, LastReferencedDate=null, Primary_Source__c=test, Active__c=false})

It can have any number of records here. 

Plus this can have any custom SObject. 

I want to get the name of Custom Object here which is Test_Lead_Sources__c and list of all the records in it. 

How do I convert this list to map in such a way that I can get name of SObject? Or what is the other possible way? 
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Shruthi ChandrasekaranShruthi Chandrasekaran
Hello Dippan, 

You can get the name of the Sobject using the method getSObjectType(); Try the below code where I have used Map to store the SobjectType and the List of all records of that Sobject. 
Map<Schema.SObjectType, List<SObject>> objMap = new Map<Schema.SObjectType, List<SObject>>();
for(Sobject obj : sObj){
    Schema.SObjectType o = obj.getSObjecttype();
    else {
        objMap.put(o, new List<SObject>{obj});
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