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Sergio Mac IntoshSergio Mac Intosh 

LWC Apex Query Doesnt work

I have issues with a simple call to get records in Apex controller. I cant get the data in my LWC. The Apex Controller is being called correctly and the response is also correct.
import { LightningElement, wire } from 'lwc';

import LabelChooseTarget from '@salesforce/label/c.Choose_a_target';
import LabelCreateNewLabel from '@salesforce/label/c.Create_New';

import FIELD from '@salesforce/schema/Target_Configuration__c.Name';

import getAllConfigurations from '@salesforce/apex/ConfigurationController.getAllConfigurations';

const COLUMS = [
    {label : 'Name', fieldName : FIELD.fieldApiName, type: 'text'}

export default class ConfigurationSelector extends LightningElement {
    column = COLUMS

    label = {


    <lightning-card  icon-name="custom:custom83" title={label.LabelChooseTarget}>

        <template if:true={}>



Gaurav Sharma 472Gaurav Sharma 472
n is missing from columns.

1      </lightning-datatable
Gaurav Sharma 472Gaurav Sharma 472
One more thing noticed. There is no function defined in js file. Either create a button and populate configurations inside button function or Population configurations under connectedcallback function. As there is no action defined so it is empty in html file