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subhendu sekhar denriasubhendu sekhar denria 

Smart Store Error while initializing soup in cordova android app

Hi, Team,
I am using Salesforce SDK 4.1.1 for the Cordova android project. and I am getting an error from Salesforce smart store in android app
"error while initializing soup: User -file is not a database: which compiling: select count(*) from sqlite_master"

Please let me know if you have any solutions or the reason why I am getting this error.

please have a look at the snapshot 

User-added image
Todd Halfpenny MCTodd Halfpenny MC
Hi @subhendu,

I vaguely remember seeing this issue once before and I think it was due to Android having the "Install from backup" option selected in the system settings. 

Has this app worked before OK? If so, perhaps this is the case... though I'm definitely not promising anything.
Matt SchultzMatt Schultz
@subhendu, did you ever figure this out? It seems to be related to installing the app from your files, but we cannot confirm that.