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Siva Prakash KadapaSiva Prakash Kadapa 

Stuck in Security Specialist challenge 2

This is what i am getting error, could you please help me on this.
Siva Prakash KadapaSiva Prakash Kadapa
This is what I am getting the error, could you please help me out on this.
Jega DeivaJega Deiva
Hi Siva,
Please refer this :
If this helps,please mark this as the best answer.It will help others too.
Siva Prakash KadapaSiva Prakash Kadapa
Thanks for your reply Jaga, but this is not working. still, am getting same error.
Siva Prakash KadapaSiva Prakash Kadapa
Hi all,

May I suggest you please follow the below steps to complete challenge 2 of the security specialist super badge.

1. Navigate to "Sharing Settings"
2. Edit "Organization-Wide Defaults" and set "Opportunity" to private in the drop-down menu and save.
3. Scroll down to "Opportunity Sharing Rules" and click "new"
1. Label can be anything you like
2. Rule type = "based on criteria"
3.  Field = Type, Operator = Equals, Value = Existing Customer - Upgrade (the last one will be in the lookup using the icon right next to it)
- the second field will be: Field = Stage, Operator = Equals, Value = Closed Won (also use the lookup icon)

***Make sure you created a public group called "Project Managers" prior to this step if you haven't already***
4. "Share with" should be "Public Groups" in the first drop-down, and "Project Managers" for the second drop down.
5. Opportunity access should be set to "read-only"
Rule 2.
1. Label can be anything you like
2. Rule type = "Based on Record Owner"
3. Opportunity: owned by members of = Roles and Subordinates, and choose Sales Executives for the second drop-down menu
4. Share with: Roles, and choose Inside Sales Users for the second drop-down menu
5. Opportunity access should be set to "Read/Write"
Save both of these rules.
Type "Apex" into your quick search and choose Apex Test Execution
- Click Select Tests
- Choose "All namespaces" from the drop-down menu
- Choose "BeAwesome" and click run.
Your results should be 2/2.
Now navigate to the app launcher, and launch the "Sales" tab, and click on "Opportunities"
1. Click New
2. Name the opportunity anything you want
3. Choose Stage "Needs Analysis"
4. The close date should be picked as a value in the future.
5. click save
6. Create another "New" opportunity and name it anything you'd like again
7. For type, select "Existing Customer - Upgrade"
8. Set the date as whatever today's date is
9. Set the stage to "Closed Won"
10. Save

Now we need to make these opportunities owned by your user "Samantha Cordero"
1. Open the first opportunity you created, and click on the details tab
2. Under "Opportunity Owner" select "Change Owner" and change it to Samantha Cordero
3. Repeat steps 1-2 on the second opportunity.
***You might run into a bug where it doesn't allow you change the ownership to Samantha Cordero***
if this happens, you need to edit the "Field Users Profile" you created by going into it's "Object Settings" and setting the Read/Create/Edit configuration outlined in the Super badges Field Sales User Outline.

It's very important that you set up the previous opportunities, or the error will still throw.
Once the opportunities are created and you have configured everything else, the error will be gone.

TADA! You just passed step 2!!
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask

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