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nitin sharma 366nitin sharma 366 

Salesforce Object Data Model

Object Reference for Salesforce and Lightning Platform

                            Product and Schedule Objects

In the Diagram when I look at the OpportunityLineItem.I see the following fields 


It does not talk about the Product ID,Why is it so?

However ,In the Salesforece org when I look at the fields of OpportunityLineitem I do see ProductID as lookup field.Can somebody explian why ProductID is missing from the  diagram.I am sure I am missing something here.

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You are totally correct .. 

we have Product2Id on the OpportunityLineItem ...  The ID of the related Product2 record. This is a read-only field available in API version 30.0 and later.
Use the PricebookEntryId field instead, specifying the ID of the PricebookEntry record.

So salesforce has pointed to the PricebookEntryId  and from the PricebookEntryId  we have relation to product