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Andrew Hansen 12Andrew Hansen 12 

Unauthenticated REST call - HTTP 301 response

I followed this tutorial, , to create a public rest service in a developer sandbox. If I run any of the following:

curl GET
curl POST
curl PUT

I get an HTTP 301 response.

But strangely, if I run that URL through POSTMAN, any request calls my GET method. And if I run it through SOAP UI, it calls my POST and GET methods correctly.

Finally, if I call the same url, but HTTPS, I get a HTTP 503 error.

Here is my class:
global class WidgetController {

    global static String getWidgets() {
        return 'GET';

    global static String createNewWidget() {
        return 'POST';

    global static String deleteWidgetById() {
        return 'DELETE';

    global static String updateWidget() {
        return 'PUT';

I should also add that all of these methods work correctly when authenticated through workbench
Jones DanielJones Daniel

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Ramesh DRamesh D
Hi Andrew,
It is most likely that you endpoint does not allow access from outside some ip range which you indicated by saying it's not public.
Please see below article

You need to whitelist your IP to validate that the call originated from your Salesforce org.


*Please mark this as best answer(if it's helpful), so it can be helpful for others as well*
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