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Email 2 Case: Functionality Question

I have downloaded the Email 2 Case plugin for salesforce and a part of it is working fine. It does create a new case out of the mails that are sent to the test mailbox.
However, it creates a new case out of every mail that comes to the test inbox. I want to know if I can achieve the following:
1. Create a new case out of a new mail that comes to the mailbox.
<have salesforce auto reply to the customer>
2. When the customer replies back to the auto response or two his earlier mail, I want it to add an email to existing case, and NOT create a new case.
I think email 2 case is capable of doing it. I just dont know how to do it. Also is there documentation available for the email 2 case plugin besides the wiki page.
Ron HessRon Hess
Have you considered the new Email to Apex feature, it will allow you to make all these type of enhancements using Apex Code, and the solution will not depend on your infrastructure, only on your code.

Thanks Ron,

I am not a developer. I am more of a Salesforce administrator. From what I understand it is a part of Email2Case's functionalities to add emails to existing cases.

It shoud somehow poll the mailbox parse the message body or the subject and "distinguish" between new emails and replies to existing emails.
Then it should create a case if the email is new and create a task if its a reply. I can then create workflows, assignment rules and so on in Salesforce to have the task assigned to the appropriate owner and assigned a proper status.

Isn't it meant to be that way?

Kindly suggest. We would be going live in a month and I would definitely want creation of cases automated as I anticipate an incessant flow of emails.

Any help on this is deeply appreciated.

- TK
I will definitely try Email to Apex though.



Go to Setup, Cases, Email-to-Case and edit the email-to-case settings.  Check the option to insert the case Thread Id in your subject or e-mail body.  The email2case agent will use this thread id to assign any reply e-mails to the existing case.


Checking for thread id worked. I also learnt that it means we have to reply to salesforce from within the case, using the salesforce send an email button (under the activities section) to generate the thread reference id (d-uh! to me).

Thanks all for the help.

- Tejanshu