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Using customer portal in conjunction with a shopping cart

Our company set up our login and shopping cart with OS commerce. We would like to incorporate Salesforce's customer portal, however I do not know if:

1) The login for either program will interfere with the other
2) One must be disabled to allow the other to function correctly
3) The login information gather from OS Commerce can be synched with leads and contacts in Salesforce
4) The customer portal can be synched to the shopping cart to allow us to keep information on what is purchased in Salesforce

I am obviously not familiar with prgraming language,a nd these questions are not typically asked of the salesforce customer service agents, so I am interested in really discovering what Sales froce can and cannot do in laymen's terms.

Thank you.
Chet ChauhanChet Chauhan
This is definitely possible in the Customer Portal. You can use the full power of the force.com platform to seamlessly integrate into the portal using S-controls, Apex code, Custom Objects, and Visual force. In terms of logins, Customer Portal supports sign-sign-on, so the user would only need to login once into the portal and they could be automatically authenticated into the shopping cart application. The shopping cart application can also use the api to sync contacts, purchases and other data into Salesforce and the portal.

Kinetic GrowthKinetic Growth
Hi AdminGeorgia

As Chet mentioned, the Salesforce platform is very flexible and will support eCommerce. You might be interested in our Venue application if you'd like a native eCommerce application that’s built entirely on the Force.com platform.

Venue it turns Salesforce into an eCommerce platform. You’ll use the products, prices, accounts, contacts, etc. from Salesforce to run the website/store and all your sales and transactions are recorded in your Salesforce database.

Venue works with Salesforce Sites and Customer Portal (and Communities). In addtion, guest users can browse products, add them to a shopping cart, and complete purchases (i.e. make payments) all without requiring login/authentication. (Venue supports login/authentication via Customer Portal / Communities, but it is optional).

Venue is a full-featured eCommerce solution. You can fully customize your eCommerce website, process credit card and PayPal payments, get integrated tax and shipping modules, and advanced product management and discounting features.

You can learn more from the Venue website:


And from the Venue AppExchange listing:


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