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Dont know if this is in the right place but....

... i need some help with this.


I've added a list of contacts and i want to edit them all so that the account says the same thing. Is there a way of editing them all in one go rather than individually because that'll take ages!


thanks in advance


Hi andy,

Are you using the API for adding this list?  The typical way to do this kind of edit is to retrieve the ids of all the contacts and send an update message specifying the AccountId. 

Run a query to select the contacts that you created (probably using a created date criteria).  Loop through the results setting the AccountId on each contact to the one you want.  Send the entire array of contacts back to salesforce.com in a single update call.


Feel free to use our MassEffect tool if you want to update your accounts.  You can get it from:


It will give you a free 7 day trial so that should be more than enough time to fix your problem.  Just export your contacts by running a report and make sure you export the Account ID with the report.  You can then update the accounts from an excel spreadsheet where the Account ID matches the Account ID in your spreadsheet.


You can also try Ron's bi-directional Excel tool at sforce.sf.net...