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Doug ADoug A 

8.0, sforce Explorer, Approval Process record access

Some questions related to the new 8.0 API. (And thanks for an excellent pre-release!)

1. Does the sforce explorer (using DescribeSObjects, etc) return all the correct metadata for the org when configured to use the 8.0 SOAP endpoint? (

2. If so, then why does it indicate that the ProcessInstance is query-able and retrieve-able, whereas the API Docs indicate that they are more accessible (create, delete, query, retrieve, update, upsert)?

Granted, I could write a quick test to try it and find out, but I thought it would be useful to point out the discrepancy just in case.

Thanks again for some incredibly useful new features. Only problem is that we just spent a few weeks working around limitations in 7.0 that have almost all been resolved with 8.0! :-)
The final 8.0 Version of the Apex Explorer (formerly know as the Sforce Explorer) has not been published yet.   I expect that to be completed in the next few days to a week.

Mysti, Developer DocumentationMysti, Developer Documentation
The documentation is incorrect, and will be fixed this week.

Thank you!

DevAngel wrote:
The final 8.0 Version of the Apex Explorer (formerly know as the Sforce Explorer) has not been published yet.   I expect that to be completed in the next few days to a week.


Has this been completed yet?  I cannot find an updated version on the Sourceforge page or on the ADN wiki.
hello - do we know if the documentation/Apex Explorer is up to date now?
bascially, what is the answer?  can I use the API to start an approval process on an object?  (spefically, a custom object?)
Doug ADoug A
Yes, you can submit an approval process for a custom object programmatically.
If the first step of the process is set to "manually choose an approver", then you can pass the user Id of that person in the nextApproverIds property on the ProcessSubmitRequest object.  Otherwise, the first step will be assigned based on the criteria in your approval process configuration.
The code sample in the documentation works, although the documentation is a bit sparse.  Try it and you'll find that it works just fine.  I recommend using the sforce explorer to examine the ProcessInstance and related tables (ProcessInstanceWorkItem, etc) and you'll observe that the process() method certainly works.
I use the current (old) sforce explorer. Just change the API endpoint URL to 8.0 instead of 6.0 or 7.0.  Not all the new properties are available, but most of them are. 
Wow!  Doug, thanks for an informative (and very quick) response. 

Can you help me locate the Apex Explorer?  I can't seem to find it anywhere on the developer site.  It seems to be buried somewhere...

Yes, the docs did seem to be a bit sparse.   I found the info about ProcessInstance and ProcessInstanceWorkItem, although I did not not any code samples.  I'll keep digging.

Thanks again for the info!
Mysti, Developer DocumentationMysti, Developer Documentation
We have an example in the process call, not in the objects.  Please feel free to contact me about what information you were looking for that is missing.

Thank you.
Doug ADoug A
Seems that Salesforce is rebranding their dev tools as "Apex" rather than "Sforce".  Thus, it can be tricky to find tools and resources.
If searching for Apex doesn't work, try searching for Sforce.
For example, a Google search for "sforce explorer" turns up this:
You'll find the sforce Explorer tool there, which is your best friend when developing with the Sforce/Apex API.
- To login to your org's sandbox (if you have one), change the API endpoint (in the Options) from to before clicking the "Login" button.  After you login, the API endpoint will change to your org's API endpoint.  (See documentation which indicates that the login server is different from the API server you use for access to your org's data.)
- To use a different API, change the version number in the Options.
Good luck.  I'm slammed, so I'll be back some other time.  :-)
as of now, i am still trying to find the Apex Explorer.  do you have a link to it??

Mysti, Developer DocumentationMysti, Developer Documentation

scroll about 2/3rds of the way down. Sorry I missed your request the first time!

Api Doc'er -

Thanks.  I found the sforce explorer.   and i found the code sample in the Process() call as you mentioned. I'll get to work... :)

Doug - thanks for the info.  I have done a fair bit of sforce API coding the past - you're right, you can't live without the explorers.  After version 6 I started using this tool from Upside Outcomes called DeveloperSidekick which a bit more fully featured.  however , it does not appear to be able to show the new 8.0 objects, so now I am back to the sforce Explorer.  (which, by the way, looks and feels exactly like the one i used to use with version 6. )

thanks again