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Account merge using demand tools

We are in the process of preparing to dedup and merge account records using Demand Tools.  I am trying to figure out a way to keep a matrix of the old account numbers that are getting merged into the target account.  It is imperative that we know what the old account number was, prior to the merge, so we can tie that back to our back office system for existing contracts.
For example, say I have the following two account numbers that will be merged:
account number          PID                       Merge Target
209349                        556839                           N
210299                        556839                           Y
since the two accounts have the same PID number, we will merge these two accounts.  The target for the merge is identified in the Merge Target column, indicated by a 'Y' for the target account and 'N' for the account that will be merged.  Therefore, account 209349 will be merged into account 210299.
We need a way to keep track of the old account number 209349 and know that it is now 210299 after the merge so we can keep track of our existing contracts that were previously under this account.
Anyone that uses demand tools or has suggestions on how to accomplish this, it would be appreciated?  If there is a better forum to post this question, please let me know.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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You could show those fields on your final output grid and export the grid to a datafile before you merge the objects. Or you can use the accountNumber field as your "Extra Logging" field. this way the values will show up in the log file along with the from and to object ID's

Glenn Wilson
CRMfusion Inc
Another option that we used was to copy the column to another column for all records (something like MergedIds). Then on the merge screen you can combine the fields so that you can have a column that might hold the values for the winningID, LosingID1, LosingID2.... Be sure that you define the column of the appropriate type to allow (long text) and the seperator as what ever you want.