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Email2Case - Max size of attachments supported by

I am currently using Email2Case client and understand that the max. attachment size can be configured for this client in the sfdcConfig.txt that accompanies this Email2Case client.


However, when I attempted to send an email beyond 4.5 to 5 MB with the sfdcConfig.txt max. attachment size value set to 10MB, the email was sent to the ERROR folder.


I want to know what is the maximum attachment size that can be processed (without getting sent to ERROR folder) and stored in for:

(a) a given case.

(b) an individual email for a given case.


If there are separate limitations for Email2Case and, I would like to know them both.


An early response would be appreciated as we have to make decisions about whether or not to continue with for further evaluation.


The default maximum size for an attachment in Salesforce is 5MB, but you can contact Salesforce Support to have this increased. If you are using the standard version of Email-to-Case, the maximum size will be the same as your Salesforce attachment limit (minus any text in the email).


If using the new On-Demand Email-to-Case feature, the maximum size of an email is 10MB, which includes the text and attachments on a single email and is not configurable by Salesforce. You can search the online help for "attachment size limit" to see additional information.


I already tried to control the attachment size limit by configuring sfdcConfig.txt that comes with Email2Case agent. Below are my findings:

(1) If largeAttachmentSize is set to 5MB, any email (along with attachment) less than 5 MB manages to go through just fine to SFDC. Any email having attachment larger than 5 MB gets dumped in the largeAttachmentsFolder configured in sfdcConfig.txt on the machine where Email2Case is running.

(2) If largeAttachmentSize is set to anything greater than 5 MB (example 10 MB), all emails having attachments less than 10 MB get sent to the ERROR folder. Not sure why this behavior is seen.

(3) If largeAttachmentSize is set to 10 MB, all emails having attachment size greater than 10 MB get dumped locally in the largeAttachmentFolder on the machine running Email2Case, however, any email with attachment less than 10 MB (same behavior as point 2 above) gets dumped in the ERROR folder. The same behavior is seen when largeAttachmentSize is to 11 MB. Anything less than 11 MB gets dumped to ERROR folder whereas anything above 11 MB gets dumped to largeAttachmentFolder.

(4) If largeAttachmentSize is set to anything beyond 11.5 MB, all emails, regardless of the attachment size get dumped to the ERROR folder with an error which reads "Exceeded max. data size configured".


Not sure what is going wrong with Email2Case agent.


While I will search more on the On-demand Email2Case, can you pls. help me identify where such a feature is available in the interest of time for my evaluation of SFDC?


Thanks in advance.


The new On-Demand Email-to-Case feature was introduced in the recent Spring 09 release. It allows you to redirect messages directly to one or more Salesforce generated email addresses and the on-demand email agent will process the messages. This means you don't need the local Email Agents to be running -- you only need to setup rules on your mailboxes to redirect messages.


As for the limits, can you include your  sfdcconfig.txt (minus any passwords) so I can see the settings for file sizes.


We have been using Email2Case for 2 years now (monitoring 10 mailboxes), and typically process over a 1000 messages per day with very few issues.


Thanks for the prompt response. Below is my sfdcConfig.txt (minus username/pwd/etc)




Sorry for the delayed response. The size should be specified as follows in the sfdcconfig.txt file - .5 represents 5MB (I don't know why ... it just is). So in your sfdcconfig.txt file, it is really indicating a 50MB file, which could be the source of your problem.




Maybe werewolf can jump in here and offer some additional advice -- he also has a ton of experience with E2C.


Here's a link to more information about the new On-Demand Email-to-Case feature:


On-Demand Email-to_Case



I don't think that is accurate.


I just changed the setting to 1.5 in sfdcConfig.txt which, according to your logic, would represent 15 MB and then I sent an email with 11.1 MB attachment.


Upon processing, the E2C agent stripped of this attachment stating that it is a large attachment and moved it to the local folder.


I conclude that a setting of 1.5 would mean any email having attachment > 1.5 MB would be stripped off the attachment. Which brings me back to my original issue of what the max. size for attachment is in E2C agent.


Werewolf's advice is awaited :-)

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