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Format of Date parameter passed to web service

I have a webcervice as:

global class Pipeline {

  WebService static opportunity[] Apptaker(date adid){



static testMethod void apptakertest() {

sobject[] result= pipeline.Apptaker(2008-06-04);




I am getting error in the apptakertest() at date format. It is not identifying the date.


Thanks in advance


You have to declare your class global instead of public if it has a werbservice method.

Try that code:
sobject[] result= pipeline.Apptaker(Date.newInstance(2008,6,4));


Message Edited by micwa on 06-06-2008 06:38 AM

That was a miracle!!! Never had idea about it. Instead not mentioned in apex reference guide :(

One more query, if you can help.

opp=[select account.fax, apptaker__c, name, ownerid  from opportunity where apptaker__c=:adid and stagename='Prospecting' order by closedate desc];

Here in 'order by closedate'  close date is a field name, I want a work around if I can use any variable, like the popular binding variables. Lets say if I can use a variable into which I can change the field name as per convenience
Thanks in advance.
you have to wait for the summer08 release where dynamic SOQL statements are possible:|SkinName=webhelp