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Outbound Message retrial

The query is -
Is the Outbound message delivery is retried after a fail or exception is recieved by SFDC.
Is the Retrial period for Outbound message configurable.
The retries for delivery of OM is done for a period of 24 hrs. Can we extends this beyond 24 hrs.
1. the message is retried until a successful ack is received and processed.
2. no
3. no

see the OM section in the API docs for more info.,

Hi Simon. Thanks for your unwaivering support.

On query no1. If acknowledgement parameter gets value as 'False' or an exception is encountered, then will there be retrial or the message is dropped from queues.

if the ack is false, or the response is a soap fault, or the response is anything other than a ack:true, then delivery is considered a failure, and its scheduled for a retry.

There is another query related to Outbound Message:

Does SFDC ensure that it will always send the latest snapshot of the object(those fields which is being configured) and if there is any concurrency issue then it won't send the message?

    For example, following is the current snapshot of account A1
                             A1.Name = XYZ
                             A2.Phone = 123456
               user U1 modifies account object A1 for the field name(from XYZ to ABC) and almost at the same time with little delay, U2 modifies A1 for phone(from 123456 to 987654).
                         in this case can you please confirm that the outbound message will be like below.
                                              Name=ABC      ----------- instead of XYZ
the latest committed field values are always sent. you are not however guaranteed to get a notification message for every single change, if there's already a message queued for Account A1, and a 2nd change is triggered, there'll still only be one message in the queue for A1. (if the message is delivered between the 2 changes, then you'll get 2 messages).