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I am looking at updating to.from an oracle database.  We are looking to update the accounts/opportunity/contacts table from salesforce to an oracle database and also from oracle to salesforce.
Is this possible and how do I go about starting to achieve this?  Any help is appreciated.
The quickest/simplest option is to buy a product that does the bi-directional DB sync for you.

I believe both BlueWolf's DRE and Relational Junction do this.


Both these options are quite an expensive alternative.  The other option we have is to parse the data into excel, then map it with oracle.  Is it possible I could use a web link when a new account is created to pass the values into excel via the url?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated...


Do you have Enterprise Edition (ie. access to the API) ? You could develop your own eg. Java class that reads the records from Oracle (via JDBC) and then sends them up to Salesforce via the API (and vice-versa). You can then cron/schedule the routine to run whenever necessary.

Any language/tool that can connect to Oracle and communicate with Web Services would do, not just Java.

We have the Enterprise edition.  I have used Java before but I have never done it using the API's or JDBC in salesforce.  How do I go about this? 

Have a look at, there's various stuff on here that should give you an introduction.

Also, we can offer technical Professional Services to assist you if necessary, take a look at or email me at


One other way is to install the SQL Server 2005 Express edition from MS ( it's free) and then get DBAmp ($495). Then connnect DBAmp to SQL Server  to Oracle via a linked servers. Admittedly a round about way to do it, but cheaper.


It may be a bit late but we wrote a .Net app to do the work, it was relatively simple and the sample code was sufficient to get moving. AppDataLoader is also very easy and free.
How did you achieve this?  Can you help me with this?