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Integration with exchange server?

I'm looking to add all the emails my company sends through our excahnge server into Salesforce, if the TO email address matches an existing contact or lead record in Salesforce.  Is there anything out there that I can hook into my exchange server to accomplish this?


All my users have refused to use the standard salesforce Outlook integration claiming that it slows them down to much.

You could forward all emails to an Email Service you author, and have that Email Service resolve the contact or lead and attach the email accordingly.  Or perhaps you could set up some Exchange rules that forward certain emails to Email-To-Salesforce addresses (which kind of do the same thing as I just described).
Yes i just found out about the Email-To-Salesforce feature.  I think this is the way we will go.  We'll create a rules on our exchange server that fowards everyones emails to their specific Email-To-Salesforce address.  Now that I have enabled the feature all I need is to fingure out how to pull a list of all of the Email to Salesforce addresses.
The email-to-salesforce didn't work for a couple of reasons.  Specifically we needed to process the emails to get them to link to cases, optunties etc... So I created an Email Service (with an Apex class) to process the emails.  No my problem is that we are constantly hitting the 100KB email body limit for Email Services.  I'm trying to figure out if there is a way for exchange to truncate the email down to a 100KB email body.

If you are interested in server-side integration between Salesforce and Exchange, I invite you to learn about Riva Integration Server for Exchange that was launched in October.  Riva delivers server-side, transparent CRM synchronisation, integration and interoperability between Salesforce and Exchange - NO Outlook plug-ins required!  It supports assigning emails to opportunities, cases, quotes, etc.


I would look forward to having you download and test the integration to see if it meets your requirements. 

Best regards,


Aldo Zanoni

CEO, Managing Director

Omni Technology Solutions, Inc.


CloudsPlus now offers server to server synch with Salesforce and Exchange. 


Received emails are auto saved based on SMTP address, no user intervention required. Sent emails are saved to all receipients in the list.


Attachments are also save (5MB SalesForce limit)



Denis MarkovtsevDenis Markovtsev
This answer is a bit delayed, but may still be useful.

I recommend you to consider the Agile GrinMark to Exchange Synchronizer (GESync). It provides server-side integration between Salesforce and Exchange. Integration includes two-way synchronization of Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Meetings, Calls, Tasks; Archiving emails; special scenarios to replicate and create items like Opportunities and Cases from your email client. This solution works without any client-side plugins. No need for additional configuration of standard mobile or desktop email clients (Outlook, Entourage, Mac Mail, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.).

Microsoft Exchange: 2007, 2010, 2013, Office365

Free trial version is available so you can try GESync before making a decision.

If what you need is one-time synchronization, then trial mode may be enough to get required results.

Best regards,
Denis Markovtsev
GrinMark CRM Integration Team (