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Regarding Administrative permissions

Hi everyone,


I have developed a app in salesforce.com in developer edition and i created  a user for that app with profile standard user permissions ...So that i can deploy that app and make available to the user with the standard user permissions..


Here my problem lies, lookupfields is behaving strange  in my salesforce.com IDE with standard user profile and salesforce.com IDE with SystemAdministrator profile.when i created records in my Salesforce.com app for a particular object..and saved it,for every lookuup in my app in  system admin IdE the lookup is seeing all the records which i saved..But in my Standard user Ide lookup not pointing to all the records which i saved...in my system admin Ide..So is it required to set any adnminpermissions for accesing all the records which i save in my system admins IDe..


Please tell me is it possible to do that by changing some security settings..






Hi Anu,


A new feature is coming in Spring 10 that will prevent full access to custom objects for standard profiles (page 170). This is to ensure greater security when developing and deploying apps on Force.com. With that said, unless you plan to only support GE/PE, your approach will not work because after Spring 10, if a EE/UE/DE org tries to install, the Standard User Profile (and other standard profiles that do not have "Modify/View All Data" perm enabled) will not have CRUD access to your custom objects. And you can't edit standard profiles to change this. You should probably include a custom profile that is a clone of Standard User profile that includes the necessary CRUD perms to your objects. Then at install, the admin can map these perms to their customer profile.


Again, if you are supporting GE/PE, this will not apply as they do not have custom profiles, so full access will still be granted to custom objects.


Hope that helps,