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New login on Monday 10/4: action required!

Hi friends,


It's been a long time coming but on Monday next week, 10/4, we'll be updating the login we use for these discussion boards. The new login will use the standard salesforce UI, offering better security and experience, as well as correcting some issues with the previous login that some of you have experienced.


In our testing, it looks like in some cases the link to the old login may stay cached in your system for a while. If you close your browser and restart it, that may clear the cache to the old link, in some cases you may have to go into your browser's preferences to clear the cache manually.


The login page has changed considerably, so you should know the difference. It should look like this page:



You can use this link above to log in to the discussion boards.


Hope that helps, please let me know if you experience any problems or have feedback for me. Thanks!


Can we do anything about the seemingly short session expiry?


Thanks for letting me know, I'll research and address this ASAP!



I am not able to login using this URL when I put my creditials

It shows Error Like


The salesforce.com servers are temporarily unable to respond to your request. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience, and please try again in a few moments.


After so many attempts finally I succed and Put this post

Pleeeez look in to this issue,

Thanks In Advance





Thanks for letting me know, Bala, I'm looking into it. I may contact you directly to ask for more information about your experience to help determine the root cause. Thanks!


Is there any news on this? I'm having to log in as often as every 15 minutes at times.


Simon, we're actively looking into the issue. Not knowing what it causing the short expiration, I can't tell you how long it will take to resolve. thanks!


Links gets broken when login is required.


I got an email about the response on thread, then when I tried to reply, it asked me to login, after 4 attempts I was able to login. but was redirected to Boards main page. 


I know this functionality is newly introduced, but just wanted to let you know the issues I came across.


Thanks for the info, Prasanna. Can you email directly at dle@salesforce.com? All the old links should be redirecting, and in our testing it worked fine for us. But if there are situations with other conditions that we did not plan for, I'd like to correct them. Thanks!


With old functionality I rarely needed to login.  Don't remember if there had been an option to allow system to keep you logged in that I had checked long ago, or whether this is how it was set for everyone.  For the forums, having the option to have the login remembered and not timed out would be my preference.


Thanks for the feedback, rp2. We're aware of the login timeout issue and have tried a number of remedies for it to no avail. We've escalated the issue with our host and hope to have a solution in the near future. Thanks for your patience!