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Email approval from Android not working

Have an approval process that works fine via email from Outlook, webmail and iPhone but for one Android phone approver, when he replies, it selects the contact from the workflow and not the approval reply to email address. Is anyone else seeing this and if so, did you find a way around it?

Yes, they can hit the link and log in AND yes they can use their PC

But if they are in a meeting and see the request and just need to hit reply and type Approved, just like they did on their iPhone, all is right with the world.

Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_

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I'll find out if someone else has this problem j_monson... give me a few hours.

Rasmus MenckeRasmus Mencke

This is unfortunately an issue with the email client on some Android phones. They are not following the RFC for who to pick up the reply address. 


I have a google Nexus phone and it works just fine. But for some HTC and Sprint phones I have seen this issues, and I have talked to both companies about it. The challenge is around how the phone provider has implemented the email client, there are unfortunately nothing we (Salesforce) can do to solve this at this point. 


I have the same problem with the standard gmail client (on a PC). Does anybody have this problem with gmail?