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Creating an Additional Related To in the New Task object

By default there is an option in the New Task window to associate the task with an Account, Contact, etc. using the Related To field.  Then when you select from the Picklist, you can then do a Lookup.

I would like to create a second Related To that would be called Related to Manufacturer.  But otherwise it would function the same as the current Related To field.  You would do a lookup in Account for the specific Manufacturer. 


How do I do that?  I tried creating a custom object in New Task, but there is not a New option.



If I understood your question right, you need to add a custom lookup field in Tasks.

Tasks are part of the activities object. Here is the path to create a custom field in this object.

Setup >> Customize >> Activities >> Activity Custom Fields

But remember. Existing Related To field is a Polymorphic field that can look up to many differen objects.

We cannot add such custom lookup field. Your lookup field can be related to only one standard or custom object.

I believe you need to setup this look up to Accounts again. You may also want to add a lookup filter, in case you want to filter out only Manufacturer type accounts for this lookup.

Let me know if this helps.