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Track Field History - how can i view it?

How do I view the log of field changes when using Track Field History.


I have turned on Track Field History on my Custom Object.  I have selected what columns/fields I woud like to track.


I looked at this thread  on  how to add a related list to a page layout to view the history..  However when I go to edit my page layout there is not related list of field history?


Is the only way I can view field history by creating a report? I was really hoping this information would be available from the built in page layout that VF provides.  Or is this just a bug in Spring 10  that History tracking is not showing in the page layout.


This is standard. Just add the related list in your page layout. It is usually named <Custom object name> History.


Hope this helps you.


The problem is the related list is not showing up when I edit the page layout so I cannot add it.

Tim McDTim McD

I am having the same problem.  I am tracking the changes on a field, but the related list does not appear on the layout when I edit that page.


I was having this problem too. I'd go into edit page layout and I'd expect to find a related list item called "History".  But that's not what the related list is actually called.  Instead, it's called <Object Name> History.  The way Salesforce page layout editing interface displays the related list names, it can partially obscure the full name of the related list by right truncating the name. Thus "MemberCare-HR History" was displayed as "MemberCare-HR His..."  Since I was looking for something that said simply "History", I simply missed it for a while.

 Solution for showing object history tracking problem Make sure you click on set history tracking button so that the related list is visible to you
System Admin 1127System Admin 1127
is it possible to add Track History column on Fields & Relationships layout in salesforce lightning experience?
Doaa El-Tibey 7Doaa El-Tibey 7
You need to ensure that object Histroy Tracking feature is checked User-added image

Then you will see the Related List in the layout
Justin Tang 17Justin Tang 17
Make sure you add the Related List, typically called "<<Object>> History", as in Account History or Contact History to the Record Type "Page Layout" in the Object Settings prior to trying to update the "Lightning Record Page" Layout.