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Transfer metadata from one salesforce dev org to another salesforce dev org



         Am trying to move my entire code from one developer org to another developer org. We have overriden some buttons on custom objects with visualforce pages in first org. Now when am trying to move the code using eclipse, because of tab overriden, it is showing error about synchronisation. Is there any another way to move entire code?



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Not familiar about ant deployment

But this technique helps in deployment without any worries.





While selecting the code to migrate using eclipse, you need to select the custom buttons also and page layout. Have you tried that ?


Hi Jithendra,


   Can you explain briefly, the process of code migration using eclipse? I think There is no option to select buttons in eclipse.




Shashi reddy




There is very good article on Migration using Eclipse, please refer this blog by Jeff:





There is a Salesforce guide specifically about migrating metadata. Some of it deals with sandbox scenarios, so disregard anything to do with changesets. However, as it regards the IDE, Ant, or even Workbench, the rest of the material should be useful to you. If you create a project in the IDE that contains all metadata, you should be able to migrate over. Don't select individual components, get them all. 




Vinay PathakVinay Pathak
Eclipse is a good option to move entire code from One Dev Org to another. When you move your entire code from One Dev Org to another using Eclipse, you just need to select all components from source org. Validate the components. If you'll get any sync error. You need to fix it in your source org first. The custom button for VF page will be synced automatically when you select object and linked page. There is no seperate option to select buttons.
Preeti LalwaniPreeti Lalwani
Flosum (http://www.flosum.com) is a fantastic tool to migrate salesforce metadata (http://www.flosum.com) from any org to any org. It automates a lot of things, and simplifies migration. With Flosum, you don't have to worry about the tricks that are required to migrate various types of metadata. In addition, you can compare orgs at a click of a button.
Vlad Darevskiy 9Vlad Darevskiy 9
You don’t even need to use any external tools. All done natively!

Go to “Setup “, then Open “Create” Menu, go to “Packages”
It is very similar to Change Sets, with just slight differences.

Create an “Unmanaged Package” and start adding your application, or whatever you need to add links, buttons, objects, Aps….
Once you are done, upload your package. (make sure to set a password on it)
Salesforce will run full validation of dependencies, test cases, everything.

When done you will be given an an installation url.

Logout of you original instance.
login to the new instance, go to the URL, and install your entire app.

Depending on the complexity of your app the whole process will take you between 10 Minutes to a cpl of hours, at most.
Laurence Berg 1Laurence Berg 1
This thread is a bit old, but hoping I can pick it up...
I followed Vlad's procedure and got all the objects, etc. that I want in my new ORG, but still "contained" in the package. I can't figure out how to get them out into the SF instance. I'm not sure if I'm being clear enough. I created a new instance and it has all the default objects. I installed my package with all my custom objects, layouts, flows, etc., but nothing changed in the instance - the default objects, etc, are all still there and nothing new has been added. What am I missing?
Saurabh Gupta 3406Saurabh Gupta 3406
Once try BOFC application to carry out multiple metadata operations from one salesforce org to another in few clicks. https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxlistingdetail?listingId=a0N30000000qDqqEAE