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Dynamic Online Forms



I want to create an app for online forms. There can be many forms with different fields in it. Later on, I will create VF page for them to be available online.


My question is, which approach should I follow for this ? Should I create different object for each form or some other approach? It should allow me to add new kind of form easily and quickly.


Thanks in advance.

Hi TechAddict,
Before advocating an approach I might some more inputs from your end :-
1. You talk about multiple forms with different fields now the pertinent question is will these fields be from different objects or from same object.
2. Do you want the form generation to be dynamic that is you need to store in some object the details of the which fields will be populated / displayed in a particular form. If that is the case :-
a. You need a VF page to collect and store details about the form and fields you need to display
b. Plus a VF page with logic which read the object storing the form details and generating it dynamically.

Hope this answers your query ...
Thanks for the reply. My question is that only, should I create different object for every form ?

If I store the details of form in an object, how would I store the fields which will be required and then where the form data will be saved.

You should create different object.

There is already an app exchange app FORM Assembly.
You can have a single object to store all the details of forms of different object. Depends how you design your data holder / table.
I think if you have 1 row for each field and a reference to form and object , one object should be fine, but there will be lot of entries.
@Ispita: Ya currently I am following the same, but was checking if some more optimum solution is possible. Thanks a lot