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St. Paul Minnesota - Programmer Project to be Completed by November 2008

We are looking for Salesforce.com experienced Programmer for a single assignment to be completed end of November 2008.
  • 3+ years of Salesforce.com Experience
  • Apex and VisualForce (including APEX Triggers, S-Controls etc.)
  • Javascript and Java
David GreenbergDavid Greenberg
Can you please provide some contact information, such as a phone or email address? 

Or, please feel free to contact me at david.greenberg@ensemblecrm.com or +1 510 685 8788. 

We can help you fulfill this requirement.


David Greenberg

We have 3 programmers available immediately to start the work. All are stationed in New York.
Affordable hourly rates.
Please call me @ 908 906 8268 or 212-244-1797.
I am an independent contractor (Force.com Level III certified developer/architect) and I can do this job. please contact me at 571-232-9173
Strong VF/Apex/S-Control skills.

Please send e-mail to goforcego@gmail.com