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Need an S Control to send a prescribed email to a presrcibed user

Hello all... while I can't particulary pay for this job...

Looking for someone who might be able to whip up a custom S-control...

The control would need to mimic a button and would need to be available on a case's general details view.

When clicked, it would need to send a presribed email template to a prescribed user.

I want this to be automated to speed the process up.


Hi Erich,

From a case record you can already click on the Send an Email button under activity history then from the email screen you can select the email template you want to send. 

Building a control will only save you two button clicks.  If saving two button clicks is going to actually save you money then you can certainly afford to pay for the work :smileywink:



This is something we have done for our clients in the past.  It's a fairly simple s-control.  One thing to note though, that emails sent using s-controls count towards your organization's daily limit on Mass Emails.

It's hard to tell exactly what your requirements are, are you sending the same email to the same user, every time this button is clicked?  If so, you could use workflow to send out the email and have it triggered by a field, like a checkbox, on the case.  Is the triggering of the email something that only a human can determine or is it based on information in the case?  If so, you might be able to use assignment rules to eliminate the button alltogether.

Just some ideas.



Hey Matt,

You make a good point.  I had assumed that Erich wanted to send an email to the contact associated with the case but if they want to send an email to the same user time after time then workflow is probably the way to go. 


You can perform this using either a custom Link, or button within your org. This should work on all editions of, and does not count against your Mass Email allotment.


See the information below for a break down of what each URL parameter does:

?rtype= [Type of "to" address here, 003 for a Contact, 00Q for a Lead]
&p2_lkid= [Contact or Lead ID here]
&p24= [Additional e-mail addresses here]
&template_id= [E-mail template ID here]
&save=x [This sends out the e-mail immediately, if you do not want this simply omit this parameter]
Thank you!

This is actually what I'm looking for :)

One question my email template I have the usual information I sent out with emails from within a case (Case ID, subject, etc)...what is the parameters for the link to have it passed to the template?

Right now, when I use the link it sends out the email succesfully, however it does not actually seem to grab the case just leaves the info blank...I've been searching the website here for some info on it but not coming up with anything useful.
If that is the case then you also need to push the "Related To" information to the emailauthor. This requires an additional two parameters:

&p3_mlktp= [Type of "Related to" object, see list below]
&p3_lkid= [Object ID]

Related To types:
001 - Account
02i - Asset
701 - Campaign
500 - Case
800 - Contract
006 - Opportunity
01t - Product
501 - Solution

For example the follwing URL would be used to send an e-mail template that is populated with information from a Case, as well as a specific Contact.


Looks like I can pass the case object ID along automatically with {!Case.Id} as well :D
Works like a charm!

Message Edited by Erich.Weihrauch on 02-19-2008 06:07 AM
Ok, the last part of what I need to do is have a check box within the same case checked off automatically when this link happens.

The ID of the checkbox is 00N70000001unGA, and I figured having &00N70000001unGA=1&save=1 at the end of the link would do the trick but the checkbox does not check.

I also tried throwing in like {!Case.ID}.00N70000001unGA=1 would do the trick but that doesn't seem to work either.
But is it possible to put in a verifying message. A little box that pop's up after you press the button that says "Are you sure you want to send this message" with the options Ok and cancel. Can't you just picture it?

Message Edited by raggifj on 02-19-2008 07:12 AM

Not sure where you are going with that...adding another pop up window is just an extra ammount of work on the users end. I just need to throw in a clause to auto check the check box while it does its thing.
Did you reply to the right thread?

Message Edited by Erich.Weihrauch on 02-19-2008 07:15 AM

You're not going to be able to update the Case by adding the field to a Task URL.  You're going to need to write an s-control that updates the Case and then redirects to the Send Email page.

Ah, now that I can do.

Actually, still no idea on how to implement this.

I was toying with some javascript in an s-control and tried to do something like

function foobar()

and then call the function in html, but it's not doing the trick...

Any hints?