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Mani PenumarthiMani Penumarthi 

Cannot create a new component with the namespace

while migrating though force.com Eclipse i am getting this error


File Name: objects/Opportunity.object
Full Name: Opportunity.geopointe__Geocode__c
Result: FAILED
Problem: Cannot create a new component with the namespace: geopointe. Only components in the same namespace as the organization can be created through the API


Can any one suggest...............




You must have our Geopointe application installed in Sandbox, but not Production. And your deployment is including the Opportunity Object in it.  Our app cannot be migrated via Eclipse. It needs to be installed. You have some options...


  1. Install Geopointe to Production too. This way, the field will already exist there.
  2. Uninstall Geopointe from Sandbox. Refresh your Eclipse project afterwards.
  3. Do not include the Opportunity object in your deployment. Instead, use the Compare With Each Other feature in Eclipse to migrate your changes on the Objects. You can edit Objects in a Production system directly in Eclipse.

Let me know if you have questions. You can work with us directly if you like by emailing support [at] arrowpointe [dot] com.

Mani PenumarthiMani Penumarthi
Thank You Thanks&Regards, Manikumar P