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Managed Packages on NA5. No Upgrade Path - Help!

Dear All,


I have been involved in a rather frustrating email exchange with Salesforce support (both partner and 'premier' support) but I simply cannot believe what they are saying is true.


We signed up for our first development org in October 2007 where we started to build a managed package to manage our support cases, timesheets and invoicing for our Unlimited Edition instance.  I contacted my Salesforce account manager at the end of March 2011 and asked him to enable Entitlements in our live Unlimited Edition org.  At the same time I contacted Salesforce support and asked them to enable Entitlements in our Developer Edition org so that we could integrate the Entitlements functionality into our managed package.  This was the response I received:



Developer Edition (DE) orgs created before this feature was made available (164 release, which was after your dev org was created) will not have this feature enabled.  Anyone wanting to use this feature in a DE org, should sign-up for a new DE org on the page below: (link to sign up page)

Huh?  So what Salesforce are saying is that any developer who has an older org (i.e who has been a Salesforce customer for longer) will not get access to any new functionality.   If a developer wants to get access to the new functionality and ultimately help increase's revenues they need to create a new package and migrate all of their customers' data from the old objects in to the new objects?  Seems slightly odd and very counter productive!  I can't imagine if likes of BMC / DreamFactory / Vertical Response have Developer Edition instances on NA5 that they would have been given the same response!


I decided to contact my account manager to see whether this response was just due to a momentary lapse on the part of the support rep, as I couldn't beleive it was true!  Apparently it is.  Salesforce will not enable new functionality in old developer edition orgs!  If this is true, then it does pose an interesting question.  Are the Developer Edition orgs the same as the live ones?  Surely in the world of SAAS and after a major upgrade by the hosting provider everyone should be on the same version of the 'software'?


Has anyone else come across this issue?  If so, how did you fix it?  I know that Salesforce do support behind the scenes migration of development orgs as we have recently had a publishing org migrated from NA7 to NA10, so I know that it can be done, but I do not understand why it hasn't been offered!


Please can anyone help?


Salesforce, is anyone able to put right what seems like a very simply administrative mistake and get our org moved or updated so we can integrate entitlements into our business processes!


Hi Paul,


I apologize you've had such a problem getting this resolved.  If you have already logged a case, please post the case number or private message me with it.  I'll work to see if we can't get this enabled for you.  No promises, but we'll give it a shot.  





I can speak for Andrew Smith being the right guy to get you a fix on this, make sure you get him your case number!


I've had issues like this before and what it generally boils down to is that there's no feature management console inside salesforce for developer editions the same way there is for production orgs. It is in fact possible for them to workaround this, but it usually requires escalating to their development team internally to write a custom script to enable the feature. If you keep pushing they can in fact enable it, and like I said Andrew can do some of this pushing for you.