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Formula Text Field Based on User Role to Determine Sales Team (Professional Edition)

I need to create a custom formula text field.  I'm trying to work with this formula which determines Region based on the Billing State; but I want to determine an area based on User Role.  When I "Insert Field" the field starts with a $ rather than a !.  I can't seem to figure out the difference between those symbols.  Also, I get Syntax error after error and can't seem to fix them. 
Below is the sample formula from the Help Files:
IF(LEN( {!BillingState})=0, "None",
IF(CONTAINS("AK:AZ:CA:HI:NV:NM: OR:UT:WA", {!BillingState}), "West",
IF(CONTAINS("CO:ID:MT:KS: OK:TX:WY", {!BillingState}), "Central",
IF(CONTAINS("CT:ME:MA:NH:NY: PA:RI:VT", {!BillingState}), "East",
IF(CONTAINS("AL:AR: DC: DE:FL:GA:KY:LA:MD:MS:NC:NJ:SC:TN:VA:WV", {!BillingState}), "South",
IF(CONTAINS("IL:IN:IA:MI:MN:MO:NE:ND: OH:SD:WI", {!BillingState}), "North", "Other" ))))))
Below is my MODIFIED sample formula which does not work.
I have the User Role names in ( " " ) and the text I want in the formula field will say "East", "West" or "National".  Anything outside of these roles I want the text field to be left blank. 
IF(CONTAINS("Western US Sales Manager:Western Region:South Region:Midwest Region:Northern Region", {$UserRole.Name}), "West",
IF(CONTAINS("National Sales Broadband Services:National Sales VIS & FTTx",{$UserRole.Name}), "National",
IF(CONTAINS("Eastern US Sales Manager:Great Lakes Region:New England Region:Sougheast Region",{$UserRole.Name}), "East",)))
Thank You.