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Rich Text Field updated by a Workflow rule Field Update Formula

So I am update a Rich Text field with a Workflow rule field update. I would like the new value of another field to be put at the top of the Rich Text field. However evertime I try to do that the old rich text field data looses all of it's rich text attributes. Is there anything that I can do to fix that. My formula is bellow. If you see any issues let me know.


'('&TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(NOW()))) + "/" + TEXT(DAY(DATEVALUE(NOW()))) + "/" + TEXT(YEAR(DATEVALUE(NOW()))) + ' ' + IF(VALUE(MID(TEXT(LastModifiedDate),12,2)) <= 16, LEFT(RIGHT(TEXT((LastModifiedDate - (5/24))), 10),6),LEFT(RIGHT(TEXT((LastModifiedDate - (17/24))), 10),6) ) + IF(VALUE(MID(TEXT(LastModifiedDate),12,2)) <= 16, " AM", " PM") + ' ' +') '+ '<b>Solving IT Feedback: </b>'+Feed_Back__c+"<br/><br/>"+ PRIORVALUE( Partner_FB__c )



I am having the same issue with a RTF that I am trying to use as a running history of another RTF field.  The formatting in the source RTF is not carrying over to the other one updated by workflow.  Any ideas?


TEXT(TODAY()) + " " + Narrative__c + BR() + BR() +

PRIORVALUE(Narrative_History__c) + BR() + BR()