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auto update



I want to write a trigger to update a field in one object called schedules


scenario is:


i have no.of schedules related to opportunity and i have two fields in schedules named test1 and test2

lets say 

schedule record 1 - test1(field) value is 10 then the test2(field) should update as 10

schedule record 2 - test1(field) value is 20 then the test2(field) should update as 30

schedule record 3 - test1(field) value is 30 then the test2(field) should update as 60


So the test2 field should update as test2 from the previous record and add it to current record



thanks in advance

Saikishore Reddy AengareddySaikishore Reddy Aengareddy

In your trigger on schedules object query all the records related to that particular opportunity...sum them up and add it to current record.




trigger on Schedules(before insert){


//get the sum of the previous schedule records on test1 (check the syntaxes from docs)

AggregateResult[] aggsum = [SELECT sum(test1) s FROM schedules__c where Opportunity__c = opportunity on the current record];
sumtotal = aggsum[0].get('s');


current record test2 = current record test1 + sumtotal;




Hi sam ,

thanks for replying but i didnt get what is current record