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If i create a new trigger in my trial org is it will create any security issues?



based on my client requirement i should add two lines code to my managed pacakge trigger but it is not possible so my idea is i would like to a create a new Trigger in my trial Org and dectivate the existing trigger in my managed package.


so my object has two triggers is it will create any security issue.


plese help me any other best way to do this. 


No,it would not create any security issue.You can create multiple triggers on an object depending on your requirement.

Sridhar BonagiriSridhar Bonagiri



I think there will be no issues, go ahead and create a new trigger and deactive the old one.



Sridhar Bonagiri


Thanks Vinith and Sridhar.

I think when I submit for Checkmark in the report I have seen 1 error i.e. two triggers on One Object.


I have some questions.


1.Is it possible to deactivate the managed package triggers in the Trial Org OR any other way to do? 

  I know we don't have option to deactivate the Trigger but at this situation what I can do please suggest me a better way.

2.I would like to delete some of the fields, buttons, in trial org or Managed Org which we are not using in both org. 
3.Some of objects Standard Field type I want to change Text to Auto Number and vice versa.


If client need small changes also it is creating a big headache for me bcz I couldn't able to go and change in main org.

Is there any other way to do?




1.) You won't be able to deactivate the Trigger of managed package,the only way is to un-install the package.


2.) Also,you can't play with the object and fields available in managed package.


As you are not the owner of the managed packaged ,you don't have the authiority to play with it.I would suggest to contact the managed package owner  and check if they can customize the manged packge for you.





Yep, I am only the owner of the Managed package.


But in my managed package also it is not showing to change the field type.


Please help me



Hi Mahi,


If the field is part of a managed package then you can not change its type. :(





Hi Devendra,


  Actually my client is asking change the Standard field AutoNumber Datatype to Text Datatype. So what I have to do. Is there any other way to do. Please help me Devendra.


ANy help is Appreciated. 





If a field is part of a managed package then you can not able to change its data type. So here you need to create a new field with text datatype and accordingly place your logic in code.