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Leads: Trigger to see the open activity of leads.

I just want to write a trigger to see the open activity of leads. How can we do it?



Below given wil put you in the right direction.


Trigger  openLead on Lead(after insert)


set<id> ids=new set<id>();

for(lead l:trigger.new)






for(lead l:select id ,leadstatus from lead where id in:ids] )



//  do you logic here




Yoganand GadekarYoganand Gadekar

I Do'nt know why you want this on trigger, but still this is how you can get them for leads inserted,

Debug statement will give you Lead id and its related Open activities.


trigger OpenActivity_On_Lead on Lead (after Insert) {
 Set<Id> LeadIdSet = New Set<Id>();
 Map<Id,List<OpenActivity>> MapOpentask = New Map<Id,List<OpenActivity>>();
Map<Id,List<Event>> MapOpenEvent = New Map<Id,List<Event>>();

 for(Lead LeaObj:trigger.new){
 for(Lead LeaObj:[Select id ,(Select ID , ActivityType ,whoId from OpenActivities) from Lead where ID IN:LeadIdSet]){
System.debug('** Open Activiteies of Leads'+MapOpentask);


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