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Maildrop v1.3

I just posted an update to Maildrop, it has a couple of bug fixes along with some new features.
  • Can now create leads in addition to contacts from the add email page, the add lead/contact buttons are now much more obvious.
  • The Add Email dialog is reset between emails, it no longer defaults to the last email's selections.
  • Malformed search error with email addresses containing dashes is fixed.
  • New menu item to reinstall the scripts (under help), and error reporting when the script install fails.
  • New application icon and updated help.
If you have an earlier version of Maildrop, it'll auto update the next time you start, or pick check for updates from the help menu.

This I think was pretty much everything that people commented one, other than a couple of Mail specific issues, which i'll be looking into next.

I also got around to putting together a single page that details all the tools I've built, see

Great upgrade.

Really appreciate the work you have put into this application.

A few suggestions:

- It would be nice to have the Add and Related in one split screen. For example, I want to add an email and also relate it to an opportunity. Right now, I have to activate it from Mail (ALT + S) and it brings up Maildrop which looks for the email address. I can select that one, but now have to go to the other tab to look up the account/opp to relate it to. What would be nice is if it would be one split screen, with the email on top and the accounts/opps below (nice it it actually looked up the related ones automatically) so you can do both in one step.

- Not sure if it does this, but if there is only one result, it if could automatically select it, that would be great.

How does SF3 compare to Maildrop?

SF3 is a 2 way contact & calendar sync tool. You may want to use it in conjuction with Maildrop. Its also still very beta, take note of the warnings on the download page.
Another suggestion:

- One of the things missing from Maildrop is the ability to tag outgoing messages to by put into SF. Is that something you could do with a button integrated into

As far as i'm aware, there's no supported way to plug into the UI. There's an unsupported way, but with a major OS release around the corner, its doesn't seem like  a wise move to invest time in that right now.
Simon, great app!  Use it all the time. 

Quick question -- can you arrange it such that emails are carried over when you add a case to SF through MailDrop?  I have this frustrating situation where I want to take an inbound email, create a case, then respond through SF -- but the email address itself is nowhere to be found (nor can I add it manually.)  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Perhaps I"m doing something wrong....

There's 2 fields on Case called Web Email and Web Name, if this are accessible, then maildrop will set the email senders name & email address in these 2 fields. If these aren't appearing, you should check the field level security settings on these 2 fields.
Thanks, Simon.  Field don't appear at all.  I created them, but don't know how to link them to MailDrop. 

BTW, I'm using the "team edition" -- don't know if that matters....

You can't create custom fiels for them, you need to use the standard fields. For team edition there is no FLS, you should be able to just add the fields to the case layout page, and you should be good to go. (you might need to restart maildrop after you've changed the layout)
Sorry -- I misspoke.

I do not have any standard fields called "Web Name" or "Web Email".  I do have a standard field called "Contact Email", and I also have a field called "Contact Name".  Both of these fields appear on my layout; neither is populated by Maildrop when I create a case. 

I tried creating custom fields called "Web Name" and "Web Email"; this did not work either.

Many thanks for your guidance.

It looks like the fields will only be available if you're using an edition that includes Workflow, so if Team Edition doesn't include workflow (and i don't think it does), then these fields don't exist, sorry.