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Displaying/Hiding a Text Box if A Checkbox is Enabled/Disabled

Hello everyone.


I am not quite sure how to attack this and how...


But basically, I am using three custom fields on our accounts pages, for use via the customer support portal, so that if a check box is enabled, two text boxes will be displayed.


Basically I want to be able to go into an account and say, hey does this customer have downloads access to our product? If yes, display the two text boxes containing their username and password, if not don't display them.


What's the best way to go about it?


Further to that, is it possible to script in PHP or some sort of SQL access code so that if its checked/unchecked it can hit a database and change a field value in a table?


I am a Salesforce Professional user, so I'm not sure what all I have access to anymore.


checkout the "actionFunction"/"actionSupport" tags in Visual Force to be able to re-render the page after an AJAX call to your controller. 


You will not be able to call a SQL directly from visual force. You can use AJAX to call your PHP page that will do the SQL updates if required. 


"checkout the "actionFunction"/"actionSupport" tags in Visual Force to be able to re-render the page after an AJAX call to your controller. "


You lost me after Visual Force :)


In all seriousness, are there existing examples I can look at? I've hit the help section but I don't find it particular useful for me anyways.  Not looking for someone to write my code, but an example of someone doing an action with the above tags will get me on my way.