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Paul PrazPaul Praz 

Insufficient Privileges

I have created a page in my own developer instance where I have the sys admin access and when I am trying to access the page...I am getting the followng error



Insufficient Privileges

You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.



I have checked the profile and can see that I have access to the page and corresponding class as well; yet I am having the problem..


Any solution to this will be highly appreciable!!!


What are you trying to access through the VisualForce page - e.g. is it a standard/custom object?  If so, have you verified that you can access the data in a non-VF way?  Are you attempting to access a field that is excluded from the sysadmin profile via field level security?


When I've hit this kind of problem before, I usually comment out all of the components on the page and check that I can access the page with just some vanilla HTML, then re-instate them gradually to determine if one of them is the problem. Turning on debug logging for your sysadmin user may also give you some clues.




I am trying to access from standard object that is Account..and the fields are visible or accessible to my login


remove the standardController and corresponding fields from your page (yes with a simple page) and check if it is accessible. Then add the controller again and see if the field level securities are granted for you.


did you check field level security for all fields?


I am also getting this issue but only in firefox. 



- when accessing opp. page , we have sub vf page 

- sometimes it shows the insufficient message sometime not, if that happens when opening the new window it shows. if u close all the borwser and then start then u can access the page .


any idea ...


there is same code where u can check the access to a object or not i did that i there was no issues. 


If you are using the advanced functionalities like !remoteAction or something else, Its always a worth upgrading your VF page to the latest API Version.

I also had the same problem and when I updated my API version, it worked all fine!

Hi Paul,


I had also faced the same problem. I then checked the version settings of both visualforce and controller. Somehow the version of controller was changed to 25.0 but visualforce was still 24.0. So I changed the vestion settings of vf to 25.0 and issue was resolved.




You need to Include that particular Page against your Profile   Mange Users---->profiles---> Click on Profile Name (Dont click on Edit Button) ----> if you scroll down you fina a section named as  
Enabled Apex Class Access &  Enabled Visualforce Page Access 

Include your VF page Under this section and try it out