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Dashboard reports in visualforce page


I have a requirement where i meed to build visualforce pages for a salesforce site where the users login and can see the reports and download and print also.


1.Is it possible to build a report on VF page since i dont see any examples in documentations.


2. THe users with salesforce license can login in into my site and view reports?


3.Can we expose reports to sites?


4. How can we display a report on VF page?


please help me on this issue.I am scratching my head i have never gone thru this kind if requirement,




The only way I know of to do this is through an HTML iframe that points to the report. Doing that through Sites, though, would problematic since the user will not have access to the report directly.


If this is what they need, the only option might be to recreate the reports in Visualforce from scratch. Sounds like fun!




yaa thats a fun task we need to recreate the reports in visualforce .but how to create reports in viualforce thats the main thing bugging me.


VF & flex is an good option .




hi gopi do u have any example how to do this.

Rajat MahajanRajat Mahajan

Hi Guys,


Using iFrame also for displaying Dashboards keeps the header (sfdc logo and tabs) can these be removed and only the reports be shown ?