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Expense Wizard - idea please



I looking to create a mechanism to record expense.  I have created a custom object called expense form, and then another called expense item. The idea is you create an expense form (master), add expense items (child) and have the totals rolled up, finally you can submit the expenses for approval via workflow. All of this is in place and works well, but I now want to improve the user experience and I thinking of using a wizard.


Step 1 of the wizard would be the expense form details.


Step 2 the bit I need help with would be to add expense items.  I had an idea of rows with the following columns: - date, currency, type, amount. Ideally you want to have 5 or so rows on the same page that the user can quickly fill in (possibly using apex:repeat?).  If they need more then they could have a button called add row or alternatively it was save and go to another page of 5 rows.  Obviously I need all the rows to be saved as individual expense items against the form.  


Step 3 would be the send for approval and hit save.


I have built a couple of wizards but nothing like this so any thoughts, suggestions, guidance welcome.


Many thanks








I am pretty much there with a solution.  Just have a problem saving more than one type of record using the wizard.